:: LS500 ::

:: LS1000 ::

OBJECTIVE -  THE IIRPM’s LS1000 / LS500 provide a dynamic endless resolve to many issues posed on today’s roads and their hazards. Our Commercial Grade In-Roadway Solar Markers are built to withstand the roughest elements with zero maintenance while providing a safety feature most Pavement Markers currently used cannot provide.  

BENEFIT -  Lux IIRPM's Solar In-Roadway Warning Solar Powered LED Lights are innovating our roadways by providing  viable options that were not available until now, adding Solar Safety Road Markers not only provides a new safety feature but doesn’t add energy cost and or infrastructure cost; best of all uses a renewable energy as a true sustainable product.


Solar In-Road Markers "IIRPM's" install in minutes with very little impact to vehicles and or pedestrian traffic, the process is as follows;

LS1000  - 

1.  Mark the area as per design plan
2.  Core a 6-1/2" x 2-1/2" depth hole
3.  Clean the hole from any debris
4.  Heat hole with torch to allow proper bonding with epoxy
5.  Fill the hole with a two part A/B epoxy
6.  Place LS1000 in the hole facing the LED toward traffic
7.  Wait 10 minutes to remove leveling pieces and protective cover
The fixture is ready to be driven on . . . . . . .

LS500  - 

1.  Mark the area as per design plan
2.  Drill the Tapcon Holes
3.  Clean the hole from any debris
4.  Add epoxy to the bottom of the Solar Roadway Marker
5.  Place Road Marker alligned to the Tapcon holes LED facing traffic
6.  Secure Solar Marker  with the Tapcons
The fixture installation is complete . . . . . . .